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How Do I Become a Member

Medical cannabis patients in our state need a valid California ID and a doctor’s recommendation. Bring your valid California ID and 215 Recommendation with you to each visit. On your first visit or on renewal with us, you will be asked to fill out a brief membership agreement form.

Can I get pre-verified?

If you know your doctor doesn’t provide immediate responses, e-mail us a copy of your ID and 215 prescription and we can verify before you come in. You will still need to have both with you when you visit though, so make sure you don’t forget them.

How do I get a California Medical Cannabis Patient ID?

The best way is to contact a doctor who will have all available information for you. To find one that works for you, visit this link

Can I use a State ID card?

Yes. Also, Proposition 64, effective November 9, 2016, states that qualified patients or their primary caregivers are exempt from retail sales tax on medical cannabis, medical cannabis concentrate, edible medical cannabis products, or topical cannabis if they present a valid Medical Marijuana Identification Card issued by the California Department of Public Health at the time of purchase.

Do you require the State ID card or CMCP ID?

No. Some licensed dispensaries require a medical ID card. In accordance with State Bill 420 regulations, we will honor your doctor's recommendation as long as we’re able to verify it with your doctor’s office.

Do I need to sign anything?

Anybody who visits our facilities will have to register as a member of our collective, which means signing an agreement stating your willingness to relate as such. In absolutely no way will this limit the ability for you to cultivate your own medicine, infringe on your legal rights, or prevent you from joining another collective. The agreement simply states your intention to be an active member of the collective.

Are there any membership fees?


What are the accepted forms of payment?

Right now we’re only able to accept cash as a form of payment, but all of our locations have ATMs for convenience.

How often does your menu change?

Menus at each location are always changing, ensuring you have new and different products while searching for your favorite.

Do you carry clones?

Yes, but in limited quantities. Call your location to see what’s in stock.

Do you carry other alternative medical cannabis products outside of flower, concentrates and edibles?

Each store has a variety of product available, visit your location’s page to see a full menu.

Do we offer a loyalty program?

Yes, for every 500 points accumulated you receive $10 off your next purchase. The current number of points you have can be found on your purchase receipt.

What are Express orders?

They’re orders placed in advance, either online or over the phone that let you skip the line when coming in to pick up your selection. Orders can be called in anytime from opening until one hour before closing, and are ready for pick up after 30 minutes of placing the order. Just check in at the front desk and your name will be called with your order shortly. Make sure to pick them up by the end of the day – if they’re not they’ll be cancelled and you may lose the ability to use the express system for future orders. Right now express ordering is only available at our Sacramento and Stockton locations.

Can I place an order if I am not a member?

Currently we only offer Express orders for our currently registered patients. To become a member and eligible for these services visit your local dispensary with your CA state issued ID and doctor’s recommendation.

I’m interested in becoming a vendor, what is the process?

We welcome both walk ins and appointments for all vendors. You must bring your CA state issued ID along with your Doctor’s recommendation to be considered for vending.

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